Found Boards ULTRA 10:10 New
The Found MR Ultra 10:10 is pure speed and maneuverability. It´s a light board and easy to ride.CORE..
Ex Tax: 271.90€
Found Boards Jake Stone New
The Found Jake Stone is pure versatility and fun. Just as Jake himself.CORE: PP 1.9pcf PPDECK:&..
Ex Tax: 247.11€
Mullet Fish Finger 5'2 New
Mullet Biscuit 5'45'4" x 21 1/4" x 2 7/16"  = 35 LThe Bitten Biscuit is a must-have in any..
Ex Tax: 271.90€
Mullet Bitten Biscuit 5'4 New
Mullet Bitten Biscuit 5'45'4" x 21 1/4" x 2 7/16"  = 34 LThe Bitten Biscuit is a must-have..
Ex Tax: 321.49€
Mullet Biscuit 5'4 New
Mullet Biscuit 5'45'4" x 21 1/4" x 2 7/16"  = 35 LThe Mullet Biscuit is versatile softtop ..
Ex Tax: 313.22€
o Thick terry fabrico Padded nose patcho Drwastring and barrel lock closure..
32.00€ 28.44€
Ex Tax: 23.50€
o M SIZEo SUREFIRE LEASH RELEASE: Injection Moulded Urethane Surefire Release Tag with mou..
Ex Tax: 28.10€
Josette’s Classics EarPods 2.0 -33%
“Those who dance are considered mad by those who can´t hear the music”Josette’s no es únicamente una..
60.00€ 39.99€
Ex Tax: 33.05€
This Found MR Super LTD is just a performance tuned to ride anything & everything. Using in..
Ex Tax: 242.00€
The Vulcan V2 D-Grey/Orange/L-Grey -15%
The Vulcan V2 fins represent a revolution in terms of conception. The 3density elastomer® technology..
69.00€ 58.65€
Ex Tax: 48.47€
The Hyperfreak Series is constructed with super soft Technobutter 2 neoprene, clean graphics, insane..
159.95€ 111.96€
Ex Tax: 92.53€
FCSII: 5 Fin BoxesGlassing: Deck : 1 x 4oz Ecloth + 1x 6oz Elcloth + 2 x 30 mm Carbon Tape + Chilli ..
Ex Tax: 654.55€
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Monster Boards Catalog 2022

Monster Boards Catalog 2022

admin 14/07/2022 1
Muy buenos días! En esta nueva colaboración con la marca de Renan Crow Faccini, tengo el placer de presentaros sus tablas Monster Boards del 2022. Ren...
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Interview Polyola

Interview Polyola

admin 21/04/2022 1
Hello! In this next interview I have the pleasure to introduce you the cofunder of Polyola, Aristide. Few quick and easy questions, where Aristide wil...
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Colab Polyola and Jobsite Surfboards

Colab Polyola and Jobsite Surfboards

admin 03/02/2022 0
¡Hello everyone! Here is a new collaboration between the ecological foam company Polyola and my shaper Jobsite Surfboards. (authorized shaper of Arenq...
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Interview Raúl Reguera

Interview Raúl Reguera "Raulins"

admin 03/02/2022 0
Buenos días, Hoy tengo el placer de poder compartir con vosotros esta pequeña entrevista a uno de los bodyboarders más queridos y reconocidos del pano...
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Interview Luis Perez

Interview Luis Perez "Gigi"

admin 16/11/2021 0
Hello Everyone In this next interview I have the pleasure to do some questions to the cantabrian bodyboarder Luis Perez "Gigi". Gigi is one of the fir...
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