Colab Polyola and Jobsite Surfboards

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¡Hello everyone!


Here is a new collaboration between the ecological foam company Polyola and my shaper Jobsite Surfboards. (authorized shaper of Arenque, AJW y MG Surfboards).


With this new collaboration, Jobsite and I want to offer you the possibility to create your custom boards with an ecological and environmentally sustainable foam block. 


What do you gain by having a board with Polyola foam?


1- is less toxic than traditional PU blocks and is compatible with polyester or epoxy. 


2- has wood cells in its structure which makes it a more resistant foam with more flex. It has a block construction in MDI and not in TDI like the normal ones. 



3- The foam is water resistant.


4- has a foam recycling service, that is to say, when your board breaks we take care of collecting the board to recycle it and continue using it.


With this new foam you choose a change of culture in the world of surfing more sustainable in the long term, because you know that the materials of our boards are very polluting.


Points in favor of using Polyola: 100% recycled material, greater board resistance, less impact marks (heel, knees or other marks of use) and greater flex. 

Points against: that extra resistance translates into a small increase in weight and that the foam is light brown and not white. 


If you choose to combine your Arenque, MG or AJW board with a Polyola block believe me you will be very satisfy and the board will last even longer. 


Also note that this foam block has a small extra cost of 20€ on your custom board.


For more information you can see the details on Polyola's website, on their instagram or in the following video:




If you have any doubts or questions you can write me a comment and I will be happy to help you.


Cheers and good waves!


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