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It is with great pleasure that I have the pleasure to announce this new collaboration with the Nomads Surfing brand.

This French company created in 2017 by 3 friends while having a beer on the beach and which aims to take care of the oceans through a common passion: surfing.


Nomads Surfing tries to answer the question that many of us surfers ask ourselves when we go surfing and see that the beach and the water are dirty: what can we do to improve this situation? 


Well, these are the direct actions of this company to take care of the oceans:
   - 5% of sales are donated to ocean protection associations. Since 2018, they have already donated €18,000 through their Nomads Ocean Care foundation.
   - Together with Project Rescue Ocean, they have collected more than 8 tonnes of rubbish from the water.
   - Support for the foundations Water Family, The Coral Planters, Coucou Petite Méduse, Paddle Paddle Surf Project and their events.
   - B-CORP certificate: a unique certificate guaranteeing that part of the company's profits are dedicated to environmental actions. 


Finally, Nomads Surfing has 4 main principles that make it different from other surf brand:
   1- Commitment to the planet and to future generations.
   2- The sustainability that its products will last longer.
   3- Transparency with customers to show the projects they carry out.
   4- Innovation in every product they bring out to make it the best.


I believe Nomads Surfing is an interesting project, with good products made in Europe, that not only want to sell us something but also bet for our sport and for the care of those oceans that give us so much happiness. 


All the details on their website:

All the products here:


Greetings and good waves!
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Acabo de poner mi comentario a la tabla Pacifico porque estoy super contento con la tabla y la marca. Os la recomiendo al 100%

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