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It´s a pleasure to introduce you the new 2020 catalog for Found Bodyboards:



This year Mitch Rawlins is creating more bodyboards and looking for new colors and personally I think he is doing a good job! You can see that his boards look awesome and you will destroy every wave with them. 
The bat tail are creating a benchmark for this kind of tails. For sure you have seen many videos or photos with Mitch riding differences types of waves with this tail. If you want to change from crescent to bat tail this is your opportunity. 
As the tittle says, this catalog is for 2020 and your board will not arrive until the beginning of the year, but no worries, you won´t pay a cent until I have your board in my hands and until it´s ready to be send. 
So, if you are thinking of changing your board from now on to a couple of months, this is your opportunity to preschedule it. Also feel free to send this link to your friends. 

If you are interested in the new boards from Found and you want to know more about the prices, feel free to send me a message on the contact pop-up below on the rigth.


Gift: Found or Creatures of Leisure leash. 


Thank you and good waves!



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13/12/2019, 08:42:24 AM

Que pedazo de tablas! Cuándo llegan? Entiendo que las tallas de cada tabla son esas y sin cambios...

Fabio (admin):
13/12/2019, 10:04:05 AM

Hola Javi, 2020 va a ser el año de Found! A nivel de tablas y de proyectos. Es la marca a tener. Las tablas llegan finales de febrero y las tallas son las que indico. Han intentado hacer el mejor mix posible... Aprovecha y reserva, porque Found lo va a petar jejeje Un saludo!

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