GT Boards Catalogue 2021

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GT Boards 2021 are already available. In stock I have the Mega T-94 and the Flash, so if you like another board from the catalogue write me on the Contact/Chat and I will find your board.

You will see boards like the Mega T, the Flash or the Mega T94 again this year as they are a benchmark for the brand, but also you will see new boards as the GT One or the GT500. A lot of boards and colors that you will appreciate and you will destroy all the wave as Tamege himself.


Discover all the boards with the descriptions and do not hesitate to contact me to reserve your next board. 

Arrival: End of May 2021 if there are no delays. 

Don´t miss the opportunity to reserve you next board!


1 Comment(s)

Ryan O'Gorman:
08/05/2021, 11:14:16 PM

Hi, Do you ship to the UK? I’m looking for a MEGA-T or a FLASH with battail. If you could get back to me about your GT BOARDS (D12) Thanks

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