Macho Fins as gift with your Chilli Surfboards

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It´s a big pleasure to announce you a new colaboration with the handmade fin brand: Macho Fins


Born and bred in Northern Spain, they are dedicated fin specialists who have painstakingly developed the best processes and tools for their craft. Just as at the outset, all the fins they produce today are made in their family workshop by themselves from start to finish, without exception – nothing is outsourced.

Just as Rollback Surfshop, they believe in well done products and surf is their passion, this is why now I want to give you one of their product as gift when buying one Chilli Surfboards.

All details at:





All the fins you need for your new Chilli Surfboards: Thrusters, Quads, Single, Twins, etc. 


Check their website and discover the best handmade fins!


Only the best at Rollback Surfshop


Cheers and good waves,


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25/05/2020, 06:28:26 PM

Hola! Muy buena idea, porque unas buenas quillas valen una pasta y regalarlas es un puntazo. Y tiene que ser solo con Chilli? Te las puedo comprar a parte? Gracias!

Fabio (admin):
25/05/2020, 08:45:16 PM

Hola Gus, Me alegro que te guste la idea y la colaboración con Macho Fins. Sin duda es una muy buena marca y van genial con las Chilli. Respondiendo a tus preguntas: la idea es que por cada Chilli nueva, unas quillas nuevas, pero si tanto te gustan podemos mirar algo ;) Al siguiente mensaje por favor escribe al Chat/Contacto a la derecha y hablamos directamente. Gracias!! Un saludo y buenas olas, Fabio

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